TRENDING: 12 Year old Girl Just Got Married To A 77 Year Old Man(Video) | MadNaija TRENDING: 12 Year old Girl Just Got Married To A 77 Year Old Man(Video) | MadNaija

TRENDING: 12 Year old Girl Just Got Married To A 77 Year Old Man(Video)

What has our generation turn into? A generation where the girl child is no more valued. A generation where the wrong now seems to be right in the eyes of the rich.


Do we really have learders in our countries?

If yes! Do they really care about the future of the girl child?

It saddens my heart to see that the girl child is now given out for marriage even at a very early age. I thought this practice used to happen in the olden days, but to my greatest suprise my thoughts were actually wrong.

Pictures of a 12-year-old girl child just got married to a 77-year-old man who’s old enough to be her grandfather or even great grandfather.

Could it be that the world is blind to all these happenings?

Well, i guess even if the world is blind how about the child right? Are they also blind to their work?

Is high time the government and individuals join hands and take a serious look into this issue. Looking at this little girl, how long will she stay in this so called marriage? This old man will soon die leaving her a young widow.

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Notwithstanding that, i know others will say that age is just a number, well i agree with that statement but not when the girl is underage. This is called child abuse and not love. What does this little girl know about love and marriage?

Even though some will say it doesn’t matter, but at some point it does, especially when the girl is underage. She can’t make the right decision for herself at this age, not when the family is manipulative.

But even if the family is manipulative is the community also manipulative?

These are vulnerable grandchildren suffering from ignorance, but that doesn’t mean the whole world should also suffer from the same ignorance.

This act is absolutely unaccountable, not in this modern generation.

This is everyone’s issue. We are much aware that money now roles the world but that doesn’t mean we should keep mute about all the wrong happenings in our world today.

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How on earth will you give out your child to such an old man all in the day of money. This is forced marriage because this little girl has not reached the age of consent.

This must stop, but it will only be possible if you and i join hands to fight it.

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