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TRENDING! Room 306 is trending on Twitter because of what is happening in the room | MadNaija

TRENDING! Room 306 is trending on Twitter because of what is happening in the room

I logged in to read some of the messages received from friends and respond to my tweets. To my surprise, I saw room 306 trending like fire. I was wondering what could’ve been happening there 🤭. Could it be a domestic accident that occurred or what exactly is wrong?


I say to myself, what’s going on in room 306 and why room 306 is trending. I checked out some comments made on the trending room 306 and I discovered it’s all about two lovers having fun. I said to myself, what!!! How can such be trending when there are so many things to trend.

Can we now say truly some youths are lazy for trending such? The person that leaked what’s happening in room 306 should be arrested. It’s unprofessional to leak out any information or whatever going on in a hotel room by anyone.

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What purpose is behind filming the room number and the sounds coming out of the room?

Reactions trailed on Twitter as people keep sharing their thoughts about room 36.

Below are the reactions:




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I wonder what’s anybody business with lovers having fun in a hotel. It’s so disgusting trending such if I may say.

What’s your contribution to what’s happening in room 306 according to these explanations?

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