(Trending)How I Got Scammed When i Met a Girl On Our First Appointment

Help me!

I met a girl and at our first appointment, when we separated, I gave her ₦5,000. She looked at me from top to bottom and she gave me ₦10,000.

The next appointment I thought it was small and I spun ₦20,000, She did the same and gave me ₦40,000.

The next appointment I wanted to make strong point by giving ₦100,000 she gave me ₦200,000. She told me that she does not love me because of my money and that she gets more than enough from her parents. I said “okay”.

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I organized the last date and I took a loan of ₦4,000,000 from the bank. As soon as we wanted to separate I handed her the package while hoping to get #8,000,000 minimum. The girl took it and put it in her car. She left, and as it was a large sum, i tought she was going to her bank to bring #8,000,000 for me. Its been a month since i started waiting. What should i do Friends, Please???

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