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An unholy witch beats Father Edeh's powers and graduated from Madonna University Okija | MadNaija

An unholy witch beats Father Edeh’s powers and graduated from Madonna University Okija


Madonna University is a popular private University in Nigeria and allegedly the First private University in the country. It was founded by the popular Holyghost priest Father Emmanuel Paul Edeh (cssp, OFR).

The University has campuses in Okija Anambra state (Art and social sciences), Elele Rivers State (Medicine, Health science and sciences), Akpugo Enugu state (Engineering). Rev Fr. Edeh is also the founder of Caritas University and Osisatech polytechnic both in Enugu state.

Father Edeh and all his institutions are known for discipline and high moral standards that seem almost an impossible demand from Nigerian students. The slightest offense can get you into real trouble.

The name Madonna is the Latin word for Mary the mother of Jesus Christ. She is a symbol of purity and morality in Christianity and even Islam.

In Madonna University, Church services is compulsory for all students and also some spiritual retreats at certain times in the schools calendar are mandatory.

With the above things said about this great institution, how come the Popular online/ digital witch Angela Nwosu graduated from this same University of esteemed spirituality and morality? How did she pass through the radar of Father Edeh and his evil detecting mechanisms he uses to figure out cultists in his schools. How come Father Edeh’s powers many people talk about didn’t trap or deliver Angela Nwosu who claimed her powers was from birth.

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Adoration masses are compulsory in the school and the blessed sacrament is normally exposed to all students and it is claimed by many Catholics to wield much power. How come the power never exposed this witch who has caused alot of damage to Christianity and Nigerian youths by deceiving them into practicing witchcraft.

This raises alot of questions for the powerful Father Edeh to answer. It is believed that witchcraft powers can be transferred which means we don’t know how many students must have been initiated into witchcraft by Angela or how many lecturers and students she has seduced by her powers.

While Father Edeh and his disciplinary police were busy chasing after boys and girls dressing indecently, drinking alcohol, celebrating birthdays , kissing and hugging, a witch craft coven may have been erected in the campus by the unholy witch Angela Nwosu.

Was she too powerful for Father Edeh or he just allowed her go for God to avenge her later? She seems to be doing fine for now. She is wealthy and married to a handsome husband and actively into the business of solving people’s problems with witchcraft online.

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In all we know the end of the wicked, we know how witches end. This may not be Salem where witches are burnt on a stake, but God’s judgement on unrepentant witches is very heavy. “Suffer not a witch to live”.

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