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US Election: Biden Should Not Rejoice Yet, He Should Remember What Happened In 1824 Election | MadNaija

US Election: Biden Should Not Rejoice Yet, He Should Remember What Happened In 1824 Election

It is so true that the Presidential Aspirant, Joe Biden, is leading in both Popular Votes and the Electoral College Votes counted so far in the United States of America.

So far, forty-four states have announced their results remaining only six powerful states which Nevada and others. Joe Biden has a total of 264 Electoral Votes and Trump has just got only 214 votes. Recall that for someone to be decleared the winner in the USA, that person must have to 270 Electoral Votes.

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In regards to this, Joe Biden would have been rejoicing progressively on the counted results so far but he should not rejoice yet because it happened in the year 1824 that the person who had the highest number of popular votes and Electoral College Votes did not win the election.


How did it happen?

Jackson and Adams

Andrew Jackson was the man who had the highest number of popular vote and Electoral College Votes and did not win the election in the year 1824.


This happened because neither of the two top prominent contenders had the highest majority required by the house to be decleared a winner. He (Andrew Jackson Adams ) had narrowly defeated his opponent, John Quincy but the problem is that no one has the majority votes.


When this happens, the House will decide their next president as the constitution states. The Speaker of the House then , Henry Clay did not like Jackson.


Clay negotiated with the other Lawmakers and Adams, the House selected Adams the president. Adams was the State Secretary himself.

Joe Biden should think about this before rejoicing over the announced results.

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