Vital Information: All Undergraduates, Parents And Teachers Should Take Note Of This Information.

School Resumption: All Undergraduates, Parents, And Teachers Should Take Note Of This Information.

It has been almost 6 months, that the Federal Government has closed down the school all over the country, yet the Federal Government has not decided to reopen school now, because they think it not safe enough to reopen the School now. But some states across the country are been announcing the date and arrangements when the school shall resume.


As many state are planning to reopen their school from next week, Every Students, Parents, Guardian, And teacher should take note of this vital information


1. All Parents And Guardian Should Ensure that they provide Face mask, Sanitizer for each of their children before going to school. All parents must also ensure that the school management has fumigated the school, before allowing their children to go back to school. 

Every parent and guardian must also ensure that the school management, check every student’s temperature before allowing them to enter the school environment. 

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Every parent and guardian must also ensure the school management ensures Social Distance and they don’t conduct Assembly when school resumes.

2. All Students Should know that Covid19 is real. When school resume back, they must go back to their various school, with their personal face mask, sanitizer and must also learn to observed social distance.

They should also goes to school with their personal belonging like Water bottle, Food flask and necessary things, because it is not safe to be borrowing anything at this period.


3. All Teacher Should ensure that every student, in their classroom should use their face Mask, to observe social distance in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Every teacher must ensure, that every student have their own water bottle, sanitizer, and must ensure their are not borrowing each other water bottle.

Note: This should be an important notice to all parents, guardians, students and teacher that each state government is reopened school, not because is no more covid19 in the country, or because the vaccine or cure for the Covid19 has been found, but they reopen it because they think is it safe for them to reopen school now.

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