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Wahala Dey O! I Am A Lady And Warning All Men (Opinion) | MadNaija

Wahala Dey O! I Am A Lady And Warning All Men (Opinion)

King Lemuel was destined to be a great king. His mother gave him wise counsel because she has seen “Days of fallen Giants” in her era. She told her son not to spend his strength on what ruin great man.


Many young men with great destinies have been robbed by the love of strange women. Women who are not home-builders or life changers. Strange women love men in uniform,flashy cars,lavish houses or prominent social statuses.

Strange women will never be fit to wear royal crowns,they are usually kept in the king’s concubine chambers. Lemuel’s mother was instructing his son to be prudent and vigilant NOT to allow strange women to wear the royal crown. The bible has foretold of many strange women who ruined great kings.

If you spend your money on girls, they will call you loving. If you become broke, they will laugh at you and forget all the ‘loving’ cash you spent on them.

As long as you have money, you will be ‘cute and loving’ in their eyes. When the money goes, your cuteness and lovingness will fade from their eyes! Better to have money and be called stringy, than not to have and be called “BROKE”

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