The White Man I Met Online Took Me To France And I Went Through Hell’, – Lady Cry Out | MadNaija The White Man I Met Online Took Me To France And I Went Through Hell’, – Lady Cry Out | MadNaija

The White Man I Met Online Took Me To France And I Went Through Hell’, – Lady Cry Out

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The White Man I Met Online Took Me To France And I Went Through Hell’, – Lady Cry Out


According to her;

Hello friends, my name is Monica. This post is for all young girls looking for men on the internet. For some girls, they might meet the man of their dreams, but for most of them, this search could turn out to be their worst nightmare.

Monica tells about her hell in her arms in France.


“I went through hell in the hands of the man I found online who came to Africa just to see me several times. I thought he loved me but I was so naive. this young handsome man I found on a dating site ruined my life forever.

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I met this man on a dating site and we started chatting, he told me that I was beautiful, that I was the hottest African girl he had met, that he was insanely attracted to me. We were making video calls every night. I used to lay it all out for him to see.

It continues like this for 4 months and he came to Ghana just to see me. I was so excited and told my friends about it. They were all happy for me. I had finally met the man of my dreams, I told myself.

When he was in Ghana he was very humble, kind to my friends and family, he gambled my parents money, took my sisters shopping, he lived in a guest house for the 3 weeks he spent in Ghana .

I can’t explain what we did when he first came to Ghana but we did all kinds of positions and he even took a video of one of the scenes and told me it was to remember me when I get back. The day he left he gave me some money and told me he would come back and marry me that he was addicted to me. he said he couldn’t live without me anymore.

In France, he started to do my papers so that I could come to France. This lasted over 6 months and I finally got my VISA to travel to Europe. My family was happy and I was excited. On the day of the flight he told me not to take any money with me he will take full care of me and I gave all the money I had with me to my friends at the airport.

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My problems started on the first day when I entered France. He started being brutal at the airport like I had done something wrong. I thought maybe he had had a bad day and that everything would be fine but I was wrong because things were going to get worse for me.

After receiving me from the airport, we went to his home and he took me to the underground section of the building of his house where four men were waiting to sleep with me while he recorded the scene. It was the first day of my arrival and I hadn’t even rested after a very long flight. I tried to say no and he threatened to kill me and bury me behind his yard if I didn’t agree. I had no choice because I was afraid of my life.

From that day on, I slept with different men every day. I was locked underground with less food and water. I barely survived as I was always hungry. He won’t give me food or water if I haven’t satisfied his client.

He told me that he would send me back to my parents after working over 200,000 euros with my body I started to think about my adorable boyfriend who loved me and took care of me, but I got him dropped out just because of a white man. I was frustrated, crying day and night.



I didn’t have an underground TV set or even a radio. The place was still dark. There was just a bed and a shower and all I had was a blanket. I didn’t have a dress or bra or anything for my privacy.

It was one of his clients who saved me after I told him my story. I’ll let you know what happened and how I got my revenge my page @TroReportsGh.

If you are reading my story right now I want you to share it with all your friends on facebook and groups in whatsapp. Sharing could save another girl’s life in the future. “

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