My wife has been Sleeping with my Landlord in Exchange for This- Business Man Cries Out | MadNaija My wife has been Sleeping with my Landlord in Exchange for This- Business Man Cries Out | MadNaija

My wife has been Sleeping with my Landlord in Exchange for This- Business Man Cries Out

My wife has been Sleeping with my Landlord in Exchange for This- Business Man Cries Out

The kind of calamity that befalls some families these days really needs critical evaluation. Some are avoidable if couples could sincerely talk to each other and address their fears and calm their worries if this simple process can be adhered to the be rest assured you would enjoy a blissful marriage.


This businessman has written to relationship expert Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah on his travails with his landlord and his wife. He claims despite sending money down for the wife for rent she still goes ahead to sleep with the landlord in exchange for their rent.

Read till the end and please drop your comment let us know what you think and ways your profer a resolution.

Thanks, Osigwe for your consistent update on relationship issues I am deeply in love with your column and the way you sort out complex issues.

I am a businessman, who is Based in Europe and married to a Lady from the same state. We have an apartment at one of the choice locations on the Island.

For the past two years and some months, I have been busy sorting out my document issues and could not travel down to Nigeria which was against my wish.

So all this while I do send my wife money for the rent as well as upkeep for the house and kids.

This I have done for two years ongoing. Now all these while my wife has been sleeping with my landlord and in return, he forfeited the house rent. My basic yearly rent is 3.5 million excluding estate charges

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How did this bubble burst?

I just arrived from Europe some days ago and ran into my friend who was a medical student and now a doctor performing greatly in Nigeria. We decided to catch up on old times as he was having a party that weekend at his apartment and extended an invite to me.

Well, i decided to honour the event alongside my wife. On the said day getting close to the venue which was evidently known to my wife she suddenly developed stomach ache and decided to go back home. Trusting she knows i won’t even consider a U-turn she settled for A Taxi.

I drove into my friend’s residence and settled into familiarizing myself with his friends which were mostly doctors.

Suddenly a doctor came up to me and introduced himself as a medical doctor who attended to my wife some few weeks ago when she had a Virginia infection and was rushed to his hospital for treatment. She actually was pregnant as well and we had to do an emergency operation to abort the baby because the child was infected with the deadly infection already, she was allegedly 3 weeks pregnant. The doctor said he was explaining to me because he felt I should be careful when making love to her unprotected as a precaution.

He previously said he asked my wife then to send for me so he could explain all this himself to me but my wife insisted that it was unnecessary.

At this point, i thanked the doctor and searched for my friend within the party venue. Getting to see him I narrated what I was told and he was himself shocked that the lady in question was my wife. He said he has never met my wife preceding that day so he could not tell.

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Meanwhile, my friend also was part of the team that performed the operation on my wife.

It was then I opened up to him that I have been stocked in Europe for two years and I have not even seen my wife all this while.

This led me to take up a private investigator to try and unearth who was responsible for the pregnancy.

The investigation done and dusted found my Landlord culpable of the responsibility of the pregnancy and infection. He was allegedly waving the house rent for my wife who lied to him that i was in jail and so could not come up with the agreed amount for rent. He offered to receive his rent in kind. And these were all lies as I was sending down money for rent and was never in jail. I just did not have travel documents.

Now, what do i do? i have a kids for her ? should I press charges?

Thanks in anticipation of your usual in-depth response.

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