I will Pay Any Guy The Sum Of N90,000 Weekly, If He Can Date Me Under This 3 Conditions | MadNaija I will Pay Any Guy The Sum Of N90,000 Weekly, If He Can Date Me Under This 3 Conditions | MadNaija

I will Pay Any Guy The Sum Of N90,000 Weekly, If He Can Date Me Under This 3 Conditions

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I will Pay Any Guy The Sum Of N9000 Weekly, If He Can Date Me Under This 3 Conditions


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Being in a relationship is one the best thing that can happen to any man on Earth. But the issue is not just being in a relationship, but the fact that someone is in a Relationship and he or she is having a healthy, mutual understanding with the partner, is actually the main thing that opens doors of love and togetherness between two people in love. But it is not always easy when someone is lonely, as it makes the victim feel depressed and bored each time they are all alone.

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A Young Lady has taken to the internet to reveal what she is actually going to do for any man that is willing to Date her, so long as he meets up with the conditions and task she has for him. Although the story gathered indicates that it is a fictional one, but there is every possibility that it must have happened before. And assuming the story was real, it is crystal clear that the Lady must have felt depressed and sad, and that was why she needed every man she will date by all means.

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According to the information gathered by this unidentified Lady, she stated that she has never been lucky in any relationship, as every man that comes around is always having a negative thing in mind. Is either the young man is coming to squash and squander her money, or he is just coming to take advantage of her and run away. She added that all the men she had dated in the past, left her for another Lady and even got married to their wives. As any man that breaks up with her will go and tell others how she is a free minded fellow, so that the person will come and have his own share.

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In her statement, she said: “I am willing to Pay the sum of N9000 weekly to any man who will date me under these conditions, as this will make the man willing participant stay with me. And I have already listed them below, so feel free to indicate if you’re willing to obey to the rules”, She Said.

“You must have to be a tall guy who can easily associate with people, because I have many numerous friends”

“The man must be a good cook who knows how to prepare all the Ghanaian delicacies. Anything aside from that, then we can’t be in a relationship”

“He must not date or mingle with any other Lady except me, else he will pay dearly for it”

“Under no circumstances shall he work in any firm or office, because I will be willing to Pay his N9000 weekly. And that will be enough for him to take care of his personal bills”.

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The above-mentioned conditions are what is required from the type of man that would want to date me, and once he is willing to abide under this condition, I will pay him N9000 weekly.

If You are interested please Comments and Identify yourself, stating why you think, you are the best man for her.

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