Wrong Influence; The New Life Destroyer

In the present world of our country , one of our major problem is who we see as mentors. There are so many things happening in our social media world and it seems we all prefer to live in the present without considering the future. The people we look up to are the ones promoting social vices. Illegal acts are seen as norms of the society.

Students are not easy to curb anymore, they act lawlessly as no importance is attached to following rules and order. Teenagers can be seen dressed as prisoners for costume days, the police force is seen as a career of mockery with no respect whatsoever. The forces are considered as villains in the country. They prefer to have a convict as a mentor to having an honest man as a role model.

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A number of youth probably have forgotten that they are the teachers, parents, doctors,lawyers e.t.c of tomorrow. The tertiary institution is seen as a way of life not as an institution of learning. Many youngsters go to school because its what’s trending in the society but the main purpose of going to school is not met. The country is now grooming future cyber fraudsters and nothing more.

Our problem start with our influencers, our role models, the people we look up to ; what is their contribution to the society? How are they impacting lives in the society? Are they making life easier for our forces? Are they promoting conformity to societal rules and order? Do they speak for the betterment of the country? We all need to evaluate these questions before we decide to follow their foot step.

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