Opinion: Do These 7 Things To Make Your Woman Happy In Her Relationship With You

A relationship is a beautiful union that unites people with a common interest. If you want to love right but don’t know how to attract the woman of your dreams. This article will help in educating you on the major things that attract most women to guys.

Most women are attracted to their men because they found something they want in the man. These things may be physical or inner attributes. In this article, I will be sharing with you the 7 common things that attract most women to men.

These things include;

1. A Sense of Humor

This may be strange to you but it’s true. Women love men who can make them laugh and stay happy all the time.

To achieve this, you shouldn’t feel that you aren’t talented in making ladies smile because in one way or the other someone has smiled at your jokes. If you can’t make her laugh with your spoken words, you can show or send her memes or write down some funny jokes and send them to her. This will keep her happy and she will keep hoping you send more funny jokes.

2. Do Not Snoop Through Their Phones

I know it is hard for you to stay without snooping through your woman’s phone but women deserve privacy. If you are a man who doesn’t intrude on your woman’s privacy, she will love you the more and respect you for the kind of guy you are. But If you start feeling insecure and always snoop her phones to find out if she is cheating. My dear, your relationship may be at its closing door because women don’t like to be with men who always disturb their privacy.

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3. Make Her Feel Important.

Most men don’t like taking women too important. They only take women seriously when they are trying to approach them for the first time, this is wrong. A real man will take his woman as his number one priority and care for her fully. When a woman notices you don’t take her seriously it breaks her heart and she will hate you for this. And this will make another dude sniff around your girl and she may end up leaving you.

4. Dresses Like a Man

Physical appearance attracts the attention of ladies so much that they will love to associate with you. If you want your dream woman to get to you, you have to do things that attract her to you. A man should always dress like a man, out in the right clothes, belt, shoes, and jewelry.

You should always look decent and neat at all times. Dressing like a man attracts the attention of different girls.

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5. Compliment her activities

Women love it when you admire their skin, hair, dressing, and beauty and if you want to make them love you more, you should always compliment her positive character and attitude.

If she did something special, you can get her a nice gift to compliment her, this will encourage her to always make you happy and she will never fail to impress you.

6. Make her Feel Sexy

Some guys are only romantic at the beginning of their relationship, and they fail to impress after getting what they want from their women. This is very unfair, a real guy will always want to grow in love and he will do everything possible to make his woman happy. A loving guy should always create time to be with your woman, play with her and provide the right attention she needs.

You shouldn’t order her around like a slave learn to communicate nicely with her and help her with some of the domestic works. Make her feel love and in return, she will love you more than you deserve.

7. Be Confident and Secure

Women love guys who are confident and secure. A guy who is not always looking needy and desperate. if you respect women and think of them as companions. Ladies will have less reason to stay away from you. And if you notice any woman doesn’t want to be with you there is no need of questioning her actions. This shows that you are a disciplined guy and she will think of your kind of guy and this may make her come to you

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As a gentleman, you show always be yourself and never try to impress ladies with what you don’t have. This will make them run away from you instead of attracting them.

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