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Opinion: President Buhari Should Not Allow Biafra To Exist For The Following Reasons

While Nigeria consists of 36 states and numerous ethnic groups, it is nevertheless considered a wonderful . The country is not in the ideal shape if it is divided, since it will lead to a lot of problems.

An organization called IPOB have been agitating for Biafra’ s implementation, and are doing all necessary to help make it a reality. I do not believe President Buhari should agree to their demands. Nigeria was established as a single administrative unit in 1914, under our colonial masters. They helped Nigeria grow together into a unified country.

Nigeria is often referred to be the behemoth of Africa, and creating new divisions in the country will diminish people’ s respect for the country. Those who are inciting others should remain calm, and view Nigeria as one. When others are assigned to handle the affairs of the country, we do not break into smaller groups. Let’ s have a look at two possible reasons, why President Buhari should not allow the country to split.

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The availability of mineral resources

As a result, Nigeria is endowed with a multitude of resources, all of which can be put to use for the benefit of the country. Each Nigerian state has its unique mineral resources, and before permitting Nigeria to be divided, the government should take these resources into consideration. Most states in Nigeria are receiving significant financial benefits from the country’ s mineral riches, and it has been utilised to build the country. If the country were to break into two or more countries, Nigeria would suffer greatly in that respect. It will not be possible to collect revenues from the Nigerian states that have seceded from the country.

There might be a set of tribes who will be forbidden from becoming a part of the new .

On the country’ s current trajectory, the potential exists for the country to split into two, and if this were to happen, there would be some tribal groups that may be prevented from being citizens of the newly formed state. It is possible that the Hausa and Fulani people may be prevented from entering the country. One thing that should not be forgotten is that IPOB has chased them off of their land.

My view hasn’ changed and I still strongly believe in one Nigeria. The president should also think about these grounds. Nigeria is one country, and as a unified people, we can confront the doubts and concerns that the country faces as a whole.

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