MUST READ! Meet The Weird Curvy Women In The World (Photos)

MUST READ! Meet The Weird Curvy Women In The World (Photos)

The debate of what constitutes a full-figured versus curvy woman is a never-ending battle of opinions, fashion trends and what’s new in Hollywood. With what’s in and out constantly changing, the difference between a full-figured woman and one who is curvy is less about measurements and more about how healthy you look and feel. With just a few tips, you can understand which body type you are and learn how to dress it fabulously.

The definition of what constitutes a full-figured woman varies, depending on who you speak to. In the fashion world, a full-figured woman is one that wears a size 12 or above. Her exact figure is usually voluptuous with an overall rounded frame. She has thick hips, a rounded backside, large breasts and a non-narrow waistline. Full-figured does not automatically constitute overweight, a common misconception — as many full-figured women are healthy, robust, active and conscious of balanced eating.

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When it comes to Africa, we have heavy and round women, having big backsides and hips. In our society, these are ideals that quickly put women in public stare. It is not easy for men to resist women who are so endowed.

We all know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and every woman is beautiful in her own way, but some women are simply endowed than others. They are inarguably blessed with such attractive shape and physique that you can’t help but admire them.

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