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MUST READ! Win A Girl’s Heart In 3 Days

MUST READ! Win A Girl’s Heart In 3 Days

So many guys think it is impossible after many failed attempts to woo a woman and get her to say ‘yes’, but I tell you, it is very possible. The simple truth is women are emotional and are mostly not driven by what they see but what they hear. If you are that guy who think you are not good enough and that is why you are getting a lot of rejections from women, I want you to eliminate that feeling because, it is absolutely wrong.

There are some simple principles and things to follow that  you neglect that has given you a lot of rejections but you don’t know.

If you want to woo a girl and make her fall for you in 3 days, follow this simple principles and see the result

1.    Be confident

This is where most guys fail from. When you see a girl you like, you can examine one or two things but don’t even waste time  approaching her before you give yourself reasons that you are not good enough, who told you that? When you want to approach a girl, be confident and act as though you will get her and not trying out your luck. Confidence is one bad boy trait all girls like and desire. More so, that is the first impression you are giving her. Girls don’t like guys who are not confident.

2.    Do not praise her

She has heard a thousand ‘you are beautiful’ and she knows it so in this second stage, don’t make that mistake of starting your conversation with that phrase. Many people have done that and when you do the same, you join those ordinary people trying to waste her time. At this point, you want to do something that will make you unique. Just introduce yourself and possibly ask for her name. If she is beautiful, ignore that and compliment something that she is wearing like her dress or shoes. When you do that, you make her emotionally attached to you as she will wonder “ why is this guy not praising my beauty as most people do? “.

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3.    Get her contact

If there is enough time, ask her some few things like where she lives, where she studies so that you can find a common point of interest and strike a conversation. Tell her you would like to have her number so that you can talk to her again. From your confidence, she will submit to you if you can give her that real first impression. And if you are a smart guy, you can give her your own number and ask her to contact you later, and if she does, you on already on your way to win her heart.

4.    Don’t be needy, learn to wait

Once she gives you her number, don’t make yourself look desperate by calling her that day. She knows all the people she gave her number to that day and when you do this, you make yourself cheap. Make her emotionally attached to you by waiting for like a day or two and don’t fear she will forget. By doing this, you raise different questions in her mind like” why is he not contacting me like other guys?” making her more attached to you.

5.    Time to call

when you call, introduce yourself like “ hi, I am John.” Don’t make the mistake of telling her your full name as she will know easily know you. If she then ask you John who?  or from where?, you then tell her “sorry, it’s a wrong number,” and cut your phone immediately. If she is truly interested in you she will surely remember and call you back after she pretends to forget about you.

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6.    Setup a date

You will give her option and don’t show your weakness by asking her “ when will we go for a date?” or “ when will you be free for a date?” You will just have to tell her about the date and give her time you will go for it.

After the asking of how she is doing, you can say something like “Stella, let’s meet at Tanifes Restaurant at 3pm on Friday.” After saying this, you have to wait for her response and if she gives excuses, then tell her it is alright if she isn’t interested in you and be dame firm about this. if she truly loves you, she can explain to you and fix her own date like” I will be busy by Friday, what about Thursday?” . Then, you know you are already in if she says yes to the date proposal and it’s left for you to prepare for it.

These tips has been tested and it works and if your doubt, you can give it a try.

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