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Nigerian Guys Please Note, Five States To Get Virgin Girls In Nigeria | MadNaija
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Nigerian Guys Please Note, Five States To Get Virgin Girls In Nigeria

Nigerian Guys, Please Note, Five States To Get Virgin Girls In Nigeria

.Good day readers, In today’s article I’ll be revealing the top five states with the highest number of virgin girls in Nigeria.

This article was constructed for the serious guys out there, even amongst readers who dream of having a virgin girl as a wife.


I know a lot of guys out there have this idea that the majority of girls living in civilized states are spoilt and rotten, Which is not true, it’s even far from the truth. What most people are not aware of is that most of the village girls you think are civilized and have good morals have been dis-virgin due to the uncivilized life they are living out there. If you venture into those villages and take a quick walk around, you’ll see a large number of girls in their teenage years, nursing babies. This is where the saying ‘this life no balance’ comes in.

To pick a particular state to go find a wife who is still a virgin you need to find the right balance and concentration on which state one should visit.

Note: this list is for the serious men among readers only.

Here are the states below


1. The first state on this list is Kwara state. With over 2 million citizens residing in Kwara state, it’s only fair you find a good number of virgins among them. You’d find a good number of them in this state because Kwara girls are well trained and they follow all Islamic protocols. We all know Kwara state is a Muslim dominated state and Islam does not permit laying before marriage.

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Lagos state is the second state I’ll recommend for you to look for a virgin girl.

Why do I recommend Lagos state? I recommend Lagos state because most girls in  Lagos have no time for rubbish, they’re always thinking about businesses and work so it’s a rare occurrence to entice them with money. They can’t be compared to girls in the village who have no business whatsoever or specific work they are doing. The only thing in their heads is to find a man who will serve as their ATM.

Oyo state is another place you certainly will find several virgin girls. Safe to say you will find as many as you want because girls in Oyo state hate anything related to boyfriend or dating unless you are ready to accompany them to their father’s house and ask for permission to marry them.


Cross River is another beautiful state where you will find a good number of beautiful virgin girls. Cross River girls value education and businesses more than having a boyfriend or dating.

. The last state on this list would be the Sokoto state.

Why? Well, this is because most girls in Sokoto value their virginity a lot, they value it to an extreme extent where you can’t approach them directly if you wish to marry them. You have to visit their father first and ask for permission before you make your move, and when you make your move, it has to be a marriage move and nothing like dating. If not you will receive beatings for committing adultery Because there is nothing like dating in their culture.

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With these qualities and characteristics I stated for these five states, you can also deduce and see that these states are the best place to find virgin girls to marry and keep at home.

Do share and leave your comment below to know your opinion on this article.

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