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Opinion: Men, Before Sleeping With A Young Girl, Ask Yourself These Few Questions | MadNaija
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Opinion: Men, Before Sleeping With A Young Girl, Ask Yourself These Few Questions

Would you as a Man, think of cheating on your wife or making out with someone that you are not yet married to, not to talk of young girls. Men tend to deceive young girls of today promising them some basic things like Phones, clothes, and riches. The funny fact here is that most girls do fall for it.


It is only a child that is not brought up properly that will do such an act, it is really discouraging how young girls especially college girls sell their body out to men just because they want to acquire one thing or another which might be irrelevant in the building up of their lives.

“This Picture is used for illustrative purposes only”

Now for the men that practice such evil acts, have you sat down and ask yourself some questions? As a man, their are certain things in this life you should never do.


Before you lay with a young girl, ask yourself these few questions.

“This Picture Is Used For Illustrative Purposes Only”

1. If eventually, she gets pregnant, will you claim her pregnancy? Or would you deny it to bring shame on her family or would you advise her to get rid of it? These are things that Men should consider before they lay with a young girl.

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2. As a married man, what will you do if your wife finds out that you are cheating on her with an underage girl? Would you let your desperation ruin your marriage? Is your wife not enough for you?

3. What if she dies in your hands? You will be forced to go to prison for a crime you know that you are innocent of.


4. You will have nothing to do is she is one of those witches that steals men destiny, you are finished, done for good your life is now worthless.

Now, think of these few things before you sleep with a young girl.

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