Please Nigerians Note! 3 reasons why Nigerian Men should not marry Americans

Please Nigerians Note! 3 reasons why Nigerian Men should not marry Americans

The rate at which Nigerian men are getting in love with American women is alarming. It baffle me alot.

1. American women aren’t greater than Nigerian women

What does American women has that the Nigerian women don’t?

Absolutely nothing. In the contrary, Nigerian women are more friendly and no large amount of money is required to live with them. For this reason Nigerian men should review their scope of considering life partners.

2. Nigerian Men if you marry American women will their men marry your women?

If we leave our country’s women who will marry them for us? With the great number of women against men who will marry our women if we are looking for wives from other countries, don’t you think something will go wrong?

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Nigerians should please look within for wives.

3. For their good and the good of Nigeria at large Nigerian men should keep away from American women:

recently, pmnews reported a case of Nigerian man entering fake marriage with an American woman just to get lawful residence there. The plan is revealed and the woman is to go to jail. What about the Nigerian man? No one can tell what US Court will do with him.

For these reasons, let Nigerian men dare not marry American women again. Someone may call me coward but I am not. Share what you think about it on the comment box.


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