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“I And My Secretary Got Stuck In My Construction Site And Decided To Enjoy The Moment”

I and my secretary got stuck in my construction site and decided to enjoy the moment alone.

If someone had told us (I and my secretary) that we will be spending the night in the construction site, we would have called it off as a bluff.

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On this fateful day, I was at the site like every other day except for the fact that this time around, Mrs Maria was around.

Mrs Maria is the wife of the owner of the firm where I work, but any time she comes in, it’s always one or another. So whenever she is around, I look for somewhere in the site to stay. Anywhere but my office. I allow my secretary to attend to her.

I was in one of my usual location where I have somehow snuggled in a chair. The chair is one of those type that you could flatten the back. I flattened the back and soon, I slept off for some few minutes. Or so I thought.

I woke up and looked confusingly at the space in front of me. It looked like it was going to rain very heavily at first, but no, this was different. Another thought came up, but I brushed it off, checking my time, my heart skipped. It was already past 7pm.

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I stood up hurriedly to go to my office, on reaching there I saw my secretary still working. She too looked surprise to see me. I asked what she was doing in the office at that odd hour. She said Mrs Maria has given her a task which she must complete, as her job depends on it.

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Not expecting anyone to come in,, she has loosed the top buttons of her blouse and I could see what she was wearing underneath. I never noticed her to be that big.

, sir.., sir……

I was already lost staring that I didn’t hear her, I raised my face to see a smiling face looking at me. I was a bit confused as to why she was smiling.

photo used for ilustrative purpose to illustrate a construction site.

I asked her to close and not worry about Mrs Maria, but she insisted on finishing what she was doing. I could not just leave her there, it won’t tell well of me. So I decided to wait for her and also use that time to put one or two other things in place.

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We heard the door turning, and yelled “we are inside” but the person just walked away. It must be James the porter. Mr James is dead and dumb, he got his job courtesy of him being from same village as my boss.

Now he has locked us inside with no hopes of coming out till a good Samaritan comes in to our rescue.

“Well, I guess we are both stucked in here till morning”

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I turned looking at my secretary who had already gone back to where the fridge is. She had a bottle of wine and two glasses. “Sir, don’t worry everything will be okay, let’s just relax and enjoy ourselves till whenever help will come.

“I hope you don’t mind me taking off my top”?

I shook my head in the negative, even before I could answer it, the top was gone. She put on a good song on her phone and started dancing. I began to notice the body shapes and figures I never knew existed.

“Do you want the skirt to go off”?

I was struggling to believe what I heard, I just stared at her aimlessly. She raised her hands and placed them on her waist.

“Hello, is anyone in there?”

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Someone was at the door trying to open it. My secretary quickly got her clothes back on. The door open and it was Musa the security man that came in.

I thanked him for coming, even though deep down, I like ripping him apart. I just lost the chance at what could have happened. Still fuming about the whole incident, I heard a short phrase raised my hopes

“Your place or my place”

I led the way and soon we were over at my place.

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To be continued.

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