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‘Having Sex is My Hobby’ – Blogger Reveals Why He Cheated On His Girlfriend

Felix has given a clear understanding on why he has been fingered in a lot of s*xual scandals recently.

The blogger had a lot of accusations leveled against him after a video of him performing a customary marriage with another woman popped up.

Zion Felix has achieved great for himself before turning 30 on Wednesday, July 7.

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Success is just like nectar and birds or bees come flying after the sweetest, just like how girls are chasing after the young blogger.

Zion does not lose guard like some of us, he make good use of the ladies that come his way and even impregnate some–the latter is alleged.

Names of two other women popped up as cohorts Zion was having an affair with besides his known girlfriend, Minalyn.

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In a recent interview, Zion has shed light on what he does in his leisure time and we are not surprised.

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He revealed that his work entails a lot and takes up most of his time but he finds time to please girls.

Zionfelix echoed in the interview that he has s*x as a hobby and that is the only thing he is good at.

He added that s*x is how he relaxes and the best way release stress.

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He quickly intimated that he could have s*x everyday with his girlfriend, Minalyn Touch.

”Apart from the job I do, the only thing I like is s*x…The thing is I don’ watch TV. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t do anything. I don’t play game. I don’t do anything, all I do is work and then that’s it”, he stated.

Some social media users are alleging that since Zion himself has revealed he has s*x for hobby, it explains why he has a lot of girlfriends.

Zion made this known during an interview with another blogger who likes licking, Eugene Osafo Nkonkonsa– talk about birds of a feather.

Watch the interview below



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