Shocking! Sowore Claims His Daughter Will Sign In His Funeral If Buhari's Regime Succeeds In Killing Him | MadNaija Shocking! Sowore Claims His Daughter Will Sign In His Funeral If Buhari's Regime Succeeds In Killing Him | MadNaija

Shocking! Sowore Claims His Daughter Will Sign In His Funeral If Buhari’s Regime Succeeds In Killing Him

Nigerian activist and co-founder of the revolution now movement, Omoyele Sowore has mocked the current Buhari administration yet again by posting a video of his daughter, a musician, on social media.

Sahara Reporter’s publisher has been in conflict with the current administration on the ” overthrowing of regime” that the administration said was carried out by the RevolutionNow movement.

Meanwhile, rumors circulated on several social media channels claiming Omoyele Sowore, a political activist, had been shot by the police while taking part in a rally in Abuja. He was later brought to the hospital for treatment, where he remained for a while until recovering. Since that time, he has been stable and the Nigerian police have confirmed that Omoyele Sowore was not targeted in a shooting.

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Just a little background on Omoyele Sowore. As an outspoken thorn in the side of the government, he put out a video of his daughter on a piano singing in the hopes of addressing some of the widespread public concern with the recent economic issues.

In an attempt to embarrass the administration, he sent the video, suggesting that if the administration is successful in killing him, he will perform the funeral at which his daughter sings. weaken [adjective] weakens ” I left home two ago when she was 12, and today she is 14 years old! Mamike could sing so well, she has nothing to be ashamed of. This terrible government of Muhammadu Buhari may be said to be inadvertently, albeit definitely, an aid to my demise, as at least I have a daughter who could sing at my funeral if Buhari’ s administration succeeds in eliminating . Follow Mamike’ s advice! “

” The true activists stand up and speak up to influence a positive change in the world. The people who continue to engage and use their are the true activists. ” These statements are also meant to reward Omoyele Sowore, who overcame numerous obstacles to protest, with accolades and compliments for his or her actions.

An Internet user who goes by the name FacebookUser Ms. Banjo Oladosu shared her thoughts by saying ” Her voice is incredibly wonderful.

I wish I had your strength. If you could only quit fighting for this , I wish you could. It would be a waste of valuable life if one dies fighting for Nigeria. “

The activist was called out by another Facebook user, who berated him for his decision to keep his daughter in the US while calling for a war in Nigeria against the Nigerian government.

” May God grant her eternal happiness. The best approach is to tell others that you have a with Buhari, because he jailed you and kept you away from your family.

Even if you were in the wrong, we will try to understand you. To avoid making it seem like you are holding other children back in Nigeria because of your involvement in the conflict you initiated, keep your love for music and art, and for children, alive in the United States. It is a wicked thing. ” That person, Eseoghene Al- Farouq, said,

The work of Omoyele ” Yele” Sowore, a Nigerian human rights activist, pro- democracy campaigner, former presidential candidate, and founder of an online news agency, is chronicled on Wikipedia as a human rights activist, campaigner for democracy, a candidate for president, and the founder of Sahara Reporters.

Sowore was detained by the Nigerian State Security Service in August of 2019 for allegedly treason after he called for a protest, the details of which were announced under the title of RevolutionNow.

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