(Top 7) Best Calculator Apps for Android Phones

Math students will be well pleased with information on this page right now. Yes, right here in this article, I’ll be writing on a list of the best calculator apps which one can download and install on his or her Android mobile phone to solve simple and complex math problems. Calculators have taken a new dimension in our today world. Now one can use his or her Android device to perform operations anywhere and anytime.

Most Android mobile phone’s does come with a pre-installed calculator application that serves as a system app. But, these in-built calculator applications can only help us to solve simple math solutions. So if you’re looking for a calculator application that would help you to perform and solve complex math problems on your Android smartphone, then you’re in the right place as you’ll be seeing the best of them here now.

It’s a known fact that everyone does need a calculator. This is a business world and a calculator would be needed to add, multiply, subtract, or divide sums which we can not possibly do with our brains. This is especially because one might be in a hurry to do other activities, and at that moment the brain might not be able to process some certain things, including numbers in a quick way. So with a calculator, everything becomes more easier.

List of the Best Calculator Apps for Android in 2020

Right below this article is a list of the currently best calculator applications that can be used on our Android smartphones to perform both simple and complex mathematical problems, for quick solving. Keep on reading to know these awesome apps.

1. Calculator

Google Calculator is surely the best Android calculator application out there to use on your Android smartphone device. It’s no doubt that almost all applications developed by Google are always worth it. So now you can download this amazing calculator application on your Android device. It has got more intuitive features and important functions that would prove very useful when solving math problems on your Android mobile phone. Like other Google apps, this calculator application has got goodd design and simple user interface.

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2. Photomath

Ever tried solving math problems by just capturing them with your Android smartphone camera? Well with the Photomath calculator application, this has been made very possible by the developers. If you want to experience real time solving of math solutions, then this application will be of great help. Photomath calculator application is a very big competition to the Google Calculator, as it has got lot’s of amazing features and functions that are very important and useful in math problems solving, both simple and complex.

[appbox googleplay com.microblink.photomath]

3. Quickey Calculator

Well, this is another amazing calculator application that you can use on your Android mobile device also. Quickey Calculator offers you all scientific calculation features and one good thing about this calculator application is that it’s small in size and as such can be referred to as a lightweight app. Quickey calculator has also followed in the recent apps trend of dark mode for Android. So you do not have to stress your eyes again in it’s default white theme mode. You’ll have access to all of it’s available features and functions once installed on your device.

[appbox googleplay org.whiteglow.quickeycalculator]

4. Calculator Plus

Calculator Plus is sure one of the best calculator applications you could use on your Android smartphone. This calculator app does only basic and simple math problems solving on Android devices. Yes, it lacks the scientific calculation features, but it does keep records of all your past calculations, and this is absolutely good because you might be needing those calculations for certain things. If you need to perform just simple math problems on your Android mobile phone, then the Calculator plus application is your best choice.

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[appbox googleplay com.digitalchemy.calculator.freedecimal]

5. Stylish Calculator

Stylish Calculator makes solving math problems very interesting. This calculator is very stylish and offers its users with many customization options. This is to say that you can change the theme and style of designs to whatever suits your taste. Stylish calculator application has got a very beautiful user interface for Android phones and one can use it to perform both basic, complex and scientific calculations on Android mobile devices as it offers those features. You’d surely enjoy using this calculator on your smartphone.

[appbox googleplay com.candl.athena]

6. Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators is all bent on make sure you manage your finances in a much better and faster way. If you do work in a finance company or industry, then this calculator would actually be of great help very much to you. Financial calculators has most of all kinds of calculators that covers all financial aspects, and this application has got a whole lot of features and functions that would help you navigate more easily around it. This calculator application has also got a simple user interface for Android phones.

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7. Calculator ++

Calculator ++ has made it’s way to become one of the best calculator apps that one should use on his or her Android device. This calculator application has got similar user interface to the Google calculator, and among it’s modes are the standard mode which offers basic operational features and it’s engineer mode which offers it’s users with advanced features to help solve complex and hard math problems on their Android smartphones. You should try out this calculator application on your mobile phone if you want to get full mobile calculation experience.

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Wrapping Up

Calculation is part of our everyday activities as long as we’re in school, businesses and all that requires numbers to work out. So now you’ve seen the best calculator applications which you can download and use on your Android smartphone to perform both simple, basic and complex math operations and problems. The amazing thing about these calc apps is that they’re free and easy to use, with their host of available features. You should download and use them now.

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